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EVF Single Use Systems & Logistics Operation Leader - Sanofi (Rhône, Neuville-sur-Saône) CDI

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EVF Single Use Systems & Logistics Operation Leader - Sanofi (Rhône, Neuville-sur-Saône) CDI

EVF Single Use Systems & Logistics Operation Leader - Sanofi (Rhône, Neuville-sur-Saône) CDI - SANOFI

Sanofi est la 1ère entreprise de l'industrie pharmaceutique en France, avec 49 sites et 28 000 collaborateurs.

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21-09-2020SANOFILogistique - Supply Chain - Relations clients France-Rhône-Alpes MPE-40864

Description de l’annonce emploi

EVF Single Use Systems & Logistics Operation Leader M/F

Sanofi Neuville-Sur-Saône

Le contenu du poste libellé en anglais car il nécessite de nombreuses interactions avec l'étranger, l'anglais est la langue de travail

Vaccines Industrial Affaires (VIA) is preparing its future through an ambitious program named Evolutive Vaccine Facility (EVF). The EVF Project is at the cornerstone of Sanofi Pasteur strategy as it aims at creating a new manufacturing concept consisting of a new generation of evolutive multi-product facilities, modular, adaptable and agile, leveraging new disruptive technologies, to better address vaccine business challenges.


Within the Evolutive Vaccine Facility (EVF) program, the Single Use Systems & Logistics Operation Leader is responsible to create and develop his/her area. He/she will then provide leadership to his/her team including safety, compliance, business process improvements and operational activities.

Reporting to the Evolutive Facility Manufacturing Operations Head, the Single Use Systems & Logistics Operation Leader will closely work with Manufacturing Technology (M-Tech), the Global Engineering and Maintenance (GEM) as well as Global & local supply chains teams in the definition, design and implementation of the EVF overall Single Use Systems & Logistics Operation strategy.

As a key interface role and leveraging new developments and novel approached in the field of Single Use Systems & Logistics Operation, he/she will contribute to define, design and implement a lean, flexible and efficient asset in the above-mentioned field focusing on the agility and easiness to manufacture any product needed from Phase 2 and/or 3 Clinical Material to routine Commercial production.

The mission’s scope includes leading both Greenfield and Brownfield facilities at least until the completion of Design phase.

Key accountabilities:

From Project design and execution phase up to routine manufacturing:

During the project phase he will:

Collaborate with Manufacturing Technology (M-Tech), Digital, Global Engineering and Maintenance (GEM) as well as with Digital and Global & Local supply chain teams to define and design the best Single Use Systems & Logistics Operation strategy based on processes, products as well as local suppliers’ capabilities and business continuity requirement aspects
Ensure to define and design a safe workplace by supervising and monitoring compliance with local and Sanofi global employment and health & safety legislation
Ensure compliance with cGMP as well as all Sanofi & Sanofi Pasteur Quality requirements
Hire operation staff of his/her area; develop quality continuous improvement initiatives, develop staff integrated Safety and Quality culture leveraging on EVF unique digital approach
Lead and develops staff to ensure a high performing team; establishes, monitors and provides individual feedback on staff objectives; ensures training of staff according to training plans and to continue to develop their competencies; coach staff on personal development goals and document follow up
o Define and create novel Digital tools as well as related SOPs for his/her area
o Develop operators manufacturing training strategy based on most advanced digital tools
Collaborate with Integrated Manufacturing Solutions leader to:

Once in operation, he will:

Continue the above-mentioned activities to ensure their optimum implementation in routine conditions
Ensures detailed schedule of W&S operations; ensure on time execution of the production schedule
Set up delivery targets per shift and per area; ensure delivery of each area is tracked on a daily basis at the +QDCI and in the weekly update
Ensures permanent availability of Single Use Systems, Raw materials and all other supplies needed by the Evolutive Vaccine Facility, accuracy of inventory & recipes, training his/her staff using all applicable Digital tools while optimizing the stocks
Monitors & communicates planned and actual equipment and operations using visible metrics
Ensure constant and permanent on-time supplies delivery for manufacturing support functions (Buffer & Media Preparation, Washing & Decontamination, kitting & material preparation areas) as well as for manufacturing and Quality Control areas (optimizing maintenance and validation needs of all logistics equipment’s and systems), proactively seeking for the appropriate departments support to restore supply capability when required)
Ensure process deviations and environmental incidents are minimized and root causes are identified and corrected; work with the team to decrease the human error deviations
Follows & enhances lean management systems with regular connections with other Sanofi sites and global teams; ensures continuous improvement processes; identifies root cause of production problems; identifies non-value-added activities, other waste and potential improvements in process efficiency, quality and/or yield; implements solutions or changes via change control; plans and manages facility and organization improvements
Participates in special projects for production process improvement projects to simplify processes, meet GMP requirements, address inspection observations, new technologies and reduce costs to assist in development and quality goals

Scope and dimensions:

Breadth of responsibility (global/regional/country/site):

Scope is Global since EVF Single Use Systems & Logistics Operation approach will be designed to be used both in a Brownfield Location (Neuville, France) and in a Greenfield Location outside of Europe
Impact on defining, designing and implementing the right operational manufacturing approach for the above-mentioned support functions for the first EVFs
Various interactions specifically with Supply Chain, Digital, M-Tech and GEM teams and beyond with all project functions involved in the Single Use Systems & Logistics Operation approach definition (HSE, Quality, Technical services, PMO’s, Manufacturing Excellence, IPL’s, RA) as well as with external contractors and suppliers

Key dimensions:

Large impact on innovation in defining new Single Use Systems & Logistics Operation approach
Extensive scope and complexity; effective cross-functional interaction, global networking, communication and talent/team management

Freedom to act, level of autonomy:

Numerous levers to contribute in developing and implementing new operational models mostly in link with EVF global multi-product and Digital ambition leveraging innovative concepts and local suppliers’ capabilities to address Single Use Systems & Logistics Operation requirements
Interface with Sanofi and Sanofi Pasteur’s peers

Key dimensions: Impact on Projects OPEX & CAPEX and then, on Site P&L
Key indicators: Projects and Manufacturing KPI’s

Education and experience:

Master degree or equivalent with Integrated Supply Chain specialization
Broad operational logistics experience in highly automated and high throughput industry (>10 years); experience in life science or food industry desired
>5 Years of Leadership and people management skills are required
Good knowledge of Single Use Systems & Logistics Operation (understanding of logistics equipment & systems automation, cobots/robots implementation)
Ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams representing his/her function
Experience in Manufacturing excellence desired
Demonstrated ability to develop self; build high performance work teams, develop others
Excellent communication skills and ability to influence and build relationships across the broadest constituencies both internal and external to the site
Fluent in English

Rejoignez une entreprise certifiée Top Employer France 2020.
Dans le cadre de son engagement diversité, Sanofi accueille et intègre des collaborateurs en situation de handicap.

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